Culture-focused Integrated Marketing for Socially-aware Brands.

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2050 Partners, Inc. is a results-driven and culture-focused, boutique, integrated marketing agency rooted in strategy, and meeting people where they are community engagement.

Simply, it’s Culture. Community. Connection.

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The World is Changing. Stay Connected. Be Relevant.

By the year 2050, America will look and be more diverse. But what about the brands that serve Americans? We're preparing our clients for growth opportunities, and most importantly, positioning them on the right side of history. Our clients understand that an investment today is an investment in tomorrow's growth.

What we do

2050 Partners Inc. delivers integrated marketing, social impact and business strategies to a diverse range of audiences, partners and clients across the world.

We are an award-winning agency with unlimited reach, influence and a proven track record of success no matter the industry.


Bridging racial, cultural, generational and geographical gaps is at the heart of what we do. We use audience-led research to identify and address blind spots, risks, barriers and minimize negative brand impact — ultimately repositioning our clients for positive impact.

And we don't stop there, we push for diverse, equitable representation — beyond race and gender — from top to bottom.


Our public relations and event activations are derived from our audience-led research. We determine the actions needed to shift perception and move our clients closer to their goals. Strong media relationships contribute to our limitless reach and ability to grow vibrant brands.

Strengthening community connections is the foundation of our public relations and events practice.

Digital & social media marketing

Digital is more than a distribution tool, it's a platform to mobilize change and move people to act. We leverage digital and social content in every project to help our clients reach their target audiences efficiently and in the environment they hangout in most.

Whether it's a digital first campaign or a more traditional media approach that's amplified by social, the insights we gain from these audiences shape the world around us.

DISCOVERY & understanding
RESEARCH & Analysis
strategy & planning
Design & implementation
our DNA
what we're made of

2050 Partners Inc. was founded with a vision and belief that there were ways of servicing clients with an intent of providing value with a double bottom-line (community + financial). Founders Tatiana Grant and Marlowe Stoudamire envisioned community-based and human-centered marketing programs that prepared organizations for the future of demographic changes in America, while creating and implementing truly provocative work. As such, we've assembled a team of doers to assist in building and growing this vision and mission.

We Value:
• Mamba Mentality
• Strategic Thinking
• Authenticity
• Collaboration
• Diverse People & Communities • Ride or Die (Loyalty)
• Historical Perspective
• Human-Centered Design

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