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2050 Partners, Inc.’s mourns the recent loss of one of our Founding Principals, Marlowe Stoudamire. Marlowe, A Detroit Doer, Friend, Mentor, Leader, Activist, Father and Husband leaves a legacy of a proven track record in business, philanthropy, and community engagement.  He held a passion for helping people, organizations and cities stay relevant and connected as demographics, trends, and industries have shifted across the world -- as is demonstrated through our 2050 Partners’ mission.


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The World is changing. Stay Connected. Be Relevant.

By the year 2050, the diversity explosion that the country is now experiencing will alter all aspects of society in ways that can help the nation prosper, make it more inclusive, and increase its global connectivity. The decisions and investments that are made today and in the coming years will determine how society fares in the future.

Our Mission

To help people, organizations and cities stay relevant and connected as demographics, trends and industries shift across the world.

2050 Partners Inc. delivers integrated marketing, social impact and business strategies to a diverse range of audiences, partners and clients across the world.

We are an award-winning agency with unlimited reach, influence and a proven track record of success no matter the industry.

Chandler Park Academy

Developed and executed a multi-faceted marketing plan to stabilize student retention and enrollment in effort to position CPA as the district of choice.

National Hockey League (NHL) 

Served as strategic social impact advisor for the National Hockey League (NHL) to ensure socially-focused league and local team investment.

DETROIT 67 Project

Led the Detroit Historical Society’s award-winning and groundbreaking Detroit 67: Looking Back to MOVE FORWARD project. 


Helped MSP increase the diversity of its ranks; subsequently turning police recruiting and community relationships on its head.

Where Our Projects Have Appeared

Engage. Inform. Influence.

Over 40 years of combined industry success and expertise

"The world is changing...

Our strategies, designs and leadership have helped cross-sector clients and partners engage, inform and influence those who can matter most to the bottom line"

- Marlowe and Tatiana 
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