Marlowe and Tatiana, the principals of 2050 Partners Inc., possess over 40 years of combined experience in business, philanthropy, project management, and public relations and community engagement.

Below is a list of the organizations and companies they have worked with prior to joining forces.


Detroit 67: Looking Back to MOVE FORWARD 

2018 IMLS National Medal Winner - nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries for community service.

2019 Best in Heritage Conference “Projects of Influence” second place out of 42 award-winning global projects (5 continents) across the museum / heritage sector.


Led the Detroit Historical Society’s award-winning and groundbreaking Detroit 67: Looking Back to MOVE FORWARD project. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit Uprising, this multi-year project was designed to serve as a model – Engage, Reflect, Act – for bringing diverse voices and communities together around the effects of a historic crisis to find their roles in the present and inspire the future.



Manage and provide staffing services of brand ambassadors for the launch of the QLine Detroit.


The QLine Detroit launched on May 12, 2017 and was the first major mass transit for Detroit that provided transportation services 6.6 miles up and down Woodward Ave. The transit system serves 12 locations from Downtown Detroit through Midtown, New Center and the North End.


To ensure the success of the launch, our team hired 20 brand ambassadors to regularly greet guest, mediate issues, and follow safety and transit procedures. We successfully helped the QLine Detroit create a challenge the status quo of behavior prompting residents and visitors to people to change their regular routine of getting in the car.


Women’s March Convention

Managed local and regional public relations for the 2017 Women’s March Convention.


Our team worked directly with the one of the Women’s March Co-founders as exclusive liaison between the local host committee in Detroit and the national organizing committee. Prior to the convention, our team led weekly local host committee meetings, and pitched and secured media placement in an array of outlets (USA Today, The Huffington Post, and all Michigan-based media outlets).


We were also tasked with managing the Michigan PR and event management of the Sojourner Truth “Ain’t I a Woman” luncheon, honoring U.S Representative Maxine Waters. The weekend of events included over 100 workshops, a heart-felt, memorable speech given by Rep. Waters and an array of advocates and motivational speakers. The workshops were led by both nationally and locally influencers with topics ranging from entrepreneurship to helping the community rise above the current challenges of poverty. The three-day event was an unforgettable, politically “woke” event that gained an abundance of media coverage.


The combined efforts of the our team with and their national leadership resulted in a sold out event of over 5,000 attendees and international coverage.


Warrior 150 Challenge

In commemorating 150 years of academic and research excellence in Detroit, Wayne State University (WSU) launched a university-wide initiative as a testament to its unwavering social responsibility and commitment to the community during a year of sesquicentennial celebration.


This effort engages and activates all of WSU's stakeholder groups, including students, faculty, administration and staff, alumni, the Board of Governors and supporters, in meaningful community service across the metro area. The goal – 150,000 volunteer community service hours in 2018.


Twenty-Fifty developed the concept and is charged with designing and managing creative, impactful and inclusive service experiences for a small army of dedicated volunteers that extend deep into Detroit neighborhoods and across the metro area.


MASH Detroit

MASH Detroit is a neighborhood incubator and community bridge that helps people from all walks of life collaborate, build businesses and re-imagine shared physical spaces.


It’s important to note, MASH is not simply a place. It is a series of concepts, connections and organic social collisions that bring diverse people, ideas and experiences together. The prototype was tested and affirmed through a series of curated non-profit programs, pop-ups, meetings and events in a 6,000 square-foot street-level storefront on the lower east side of Detroit at its historically controversial border with Grosse Pointe.


During an 18-month period, this effort mobilized a community engagement, small business and learning network that attracted over 25 non-profit partners, 250 entrepreneurs and thousands of residents and visitors to an area that lacked foot traffic and visibility.


Cornerstone Schools

Through transit ads, billboards, radio ads, social media, and web presence we built awareness of the Cornerstone mission. We framed narratives around how special the Cornerstone students were and built a campaign where the students displayed their aptitude by teaching the viewer something unique they’ve learned at Cornerstone. For example, a 6th grader teaching the listener Mandarin Chinese.


Phase two of our campaign focused on understanding who a Cornerstone family was and what their needs were. We held listening sessions with current, former, and prospective parents. Our team integrated with the enrollment team to understand what the primary challenges were. Finally, we attended over 35 local cultural events to understand recruit families with a hands-on approach.


We were able to craft narratives, messaging, and visuals from the stories of the families and through direct communication and integration the campaign responded to the needs of the enrollment team. After two years of engagement, we managed approximately 45.9 million impressions and 3/5ths of the Cornerstone student population could be traced back to the marketing and enrollment campaign. Three years of population drain reversed and enrollment increased for the first time during that span.


Detroit Homecoming

Managed sponsor relations for Detroit Homecoming (2014 – 2017).


Detroit has a wealth of big-name talent who grew up or attended school in the city, and then left to become successful in fields of choice across the world. As the city was coming out of bankruptcy, Homecoming was created to bring these “expats” back and get them to re-engage, reconnect and reinvest in their hometown.


Through a local host committee of leading Detroit executives (Gilbert, Ilitch, Penske, Barra, Bing, Duggan, Snyder), university alumni and foundations, hundreds of “expats” have embarked in a three-day immersion in Detroit and now boasts over $300M in investment projects, as a result. The event also allows the expats to reconnect and find a cause that interests them.


After the event, Crain’s Detroit Business stays engaged with the expats to measure action and follow-through with key Detroit contacts. This high profile event draws expats, media and sponsors from across the globe. Detroit Homecoming was recently honored in Marseilles, France with a Place Marketing international award.


Our team was responsible for sponsor communications and fulfillment – including program ads, speaker and organization abstracts, credentialing and tickets management/distribution, gift bags items management, and more.

Detroit Lions / Vehicles for Change

Twenty-Fifty partnered with the Detroit Lions “Living for the City” philanthropic initiative to help Baltimore-based non-profit Vehicles for Change Inc. (VFC) expand its geographic footprint. The program empowers families with financial challenges to achieve economic and personal independence through car ownership and technical training.


The program empowers families with financial challenges to achieve economic and personal independence through car ownership and technical training. I was recruited by the Lions to serve as the lead agent and public interface for the VFC car ownership program and social enterprise launch in Detroit.


My scope of work as interim executive director included: strategic partnerships, local advisory board formation, fund development and start-up business planning. The program successfully launched with a funding pipeline of approximately $500,000 – in a neighborhood with the highest concentration of the city’s youth.

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