Through a customized relationship, we virtually become a part of your team.

Powered by social capital, we operate at the intersection of people, places, and experiences.

Our work is driven by diverse teams of talented practitioners who employ compelling messages and a suite of business tactics that engage, inform and influence the people who matter most to your bottom line.

Marlowe Stoudamire

Business Strategy, Social Impact & Engagement

Tatiana Grant

Marketing, Public Relations & Events 

Dominique Abner

Social Media & Digital Content

Brian Bono

Art Direction / Design & Digital Marketing

LaToya Cunningham

Project Management, Public Relations & Events

Tierra Filhiol

Marketing Intelligence & Content Strategy

Eden Gibbs

Events, Special Projects & Volunteer Relations

Lauren Hughes



Michele Tate

Graphic Design

Kwaku Osei

Entrepreneur in Residence (Strategy)

Brittni Brown

Public Relations, Events & Social Media

Michelle Story-Stewart

Operations & Process Improvement

Nick Sternberg

Creative Content & Storytelling

Medvis Jackson

Marketing & Community Management 

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