Meet the 2050 Partners team. We are visionaries, activators and people experts who possess a laser focus on designing and implementing culturally competent strategies for corporations, nonprofits and government entities.  

Marlowe Stoudamire

Business Strategy, Social Impact & Engagement

Tatiana Grant

Marketing, Public Relations & Events 

Dominique Abner

Social Media & Digital Content

Brian Bono

Art Direction / Design & Digital Marketing

LaToya Cunningham

Project Management, Public Relations & Events

Tierra Filhiol

Marketing Intelligence & Content Strategy

Eden Gibbs

Events, Special Projects & Volunteer Relations

Medvis Jackson

Marketing & Community Management 

Clover McFadden

Project Management & Strategic Planning Support

Kwaku Osei

Entrepreneur in Residence (Strategy)

Olivia Pearson

Public Relations, Events & Social Media

Michelle Story-Stewart

Operations & Process Improvement

Michele Tate

Graphic Design

Nick Sternberg

Creative Content & Storytelling

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