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Community Engagement
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Michigan State Police


Increase number of racially diverse and female applicants, help create a force that is culturally competent, inclusive and reflective of the community it serves.


In an effort to buck the national trend of declining police recruits (most severe with women and minorities) and increase the diversity of its ranks, the Michigan State Police, is working to turn police recruiting and community relationships on its head.

MSP has set a two bold goals in its strategic plan regarding trooper recruitment and application pools in effort to mirror the state’s population:
• Increase the # of racially diverse applicants from approx. 21 % to 25%
• Increase # of female applicants from only 14% to 20%
• are culturally competent, inclusive and reflective of the community it serves

The 2050 Partners, Inc. team is working with the MSP to launch a Fellowship Program and will host a Youth Summit, in addition to ongoing community engagement efforts.


The 2050 team conducted an array of discovery and research sessions to ensure organizational alignment on goals, gain an understanding of assets, social norms, and protocols as new capacity-builders for the Michigan State Police. The team then developed, and received approval of a marketing plan and campaign that was inclusive of:

Human-centered brand messaging: Determined messages that resonate with target audiences as well as the best outlets and formats to deliver those messages.

Redesign of marketing collaterals and creative asset library.

Events/Programming: Our audit analyzed past events that the MSP was producing, sponsoring and attending. Upon conducting that analysis, it was determined that 2050 should identify engage new community partnerships and recruitment events.

Public Relations: Collaborated with the marketing team (specifically
the communications lead) on crisis communications for various trials and released statements. Additionally, we developed a monthly PR calendar/”wish list” of pitchable stores that ensured that diverse audiences were communicated to and ethnic media outlets were included in outreach.

Digital Marketing Support: Collaborated with the marketing team (specifically the social media lead) to ensure that social posts are diverse, culturally correct, and had appropriate imagery.